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"Racely has a grand piano been heard to sing so exquisitely. Ingrid Groppe's technique, at once elegant and uncomplicated, lured the finest nuances out of the piano, delighting the audience. The absolute highlight was her rendition of Ludwig van Beethoven's sonata in c minor, op.111. This young pianist performed sheer musical magic. Her selections were mastered to perfection, at the same time echoing the heart."

(Bote vom Untermain)

Pianist and Philharmonic Present Highlights " The concert was a great musical delight."

(Bote vom Untermain)

"Rationality and clarity characterize her playing, always subordinate to the work itself rather than imposing extraneous ideas. An extremly demanding programme."

(Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

A Brilliant Soloist and a Harmonious Orchestra " Ingrid Groppe ,well -trained and with an impressive list of performances, displayed her virtuoso qualities particulary in the "Allegro con brio" of the first movement and in the "Allegro scherzando" of the final rondo....(Beethoven)."


A High-Carat Evening "Her music rose from great depths, manifesting finely chiselled layers of sound, outlining nuances towards the eruption of the middle part. A modern concept of pianist tradition, technically perfect ." (Liszt)

(Lübecker Nachrichten)

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